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Hey there, I’m Kylee!

I’m an editorial and lifestyle photographer living in Halifax NS. After moving here from Cape Breton Island to graduate from NSCC with a diploma in digital photography in 2010, I’ve been dedicated to my craft ever since.   
Having worked with a variety of clients, through challenges and experience, I’ve learned to demonstrate creative flexibility 

and technical skill in any setting.

Whats in focus for me?

People. I am passionate about portrait photography and making portraits that speak to the personality of the individual or brand. I most enjoy working with companies and entrepreneurs who need polished image content for websites, printed material, and social media. I’ll blend my  aesthetic with your vision to create eye catching photographs                 that sell the story.


In my personal time I have a fine art practice that centers themes of feminism, ecofeminism, and spirituality. I believe in photography and self portraiture as a methodology of healing, and an avenue for connecting with ourselves, one other, and the planet.

If you catch me without a camera in hand I'll be hanging out in the North End with friends. Drinking coffee, soaking up that Halifax sunshine, enjoying live music at night. When I'm out of town, you won't catch me at all! I sneak away to Cape Breton whenever I can for solo campfires by the river, tucked away from the day to day hum of life.